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Booking conditions

  1. You must present the confirmation of the pre-booking Camping reception on arrival.

  2. The liquidation of outstanding amount will be paid on arrival at our campsite.

  3. Reservations are valid from the time is done effective the down payment.

  4. Cancellations:

    • Cancellations will have to communicate by e-mail to [email protected]
    • Cancellations costs:
      With more than 30 days in advance: Refund of 95%.
      15 to 30 days in advance: Refund of 50%.
      Less than 15 days in advance: Loss of reservation.

  5. In the final bill you will have to add the residence tax of 0.66 € / person over 17 years and night, up to 7 nights.

  6. For accommodation Negua / Boavi and Bungalow:
    • At the time of entry into the campsite, leave € 50 deposit which will be returned after checking the condition of the accommodation. (That nothing is missing, clean and in good condition as it was to enter.)

  7. All prices include IVA. (equivalent to VAT).

  8. Check-schedule (Check-in, Check-Out)

    • Bungalows and accommodations Negua/Boavi:
      – Arrival (Check-In): from 16: 00h.
      – Departure day (Check-Out): before 11: 30h.

    • Plot and Bengalies:
      – Arrival (Check-In): from 12:00h.
      – Departure day (Check-Out): before 12:00h.

  9. Pets: Dogs are allowed: in the plots, flares and apartments Negua and Boavi. Dogs are not allowed: in the Bungalows and Mobile-homes.