Inside the Camping

The camping holidays are enjoyed by the whole family but especially the children who discover friendship. There are many children inside the campsite who meet year after year. They also discover the sensation of freedom, in the camping they learn to move alone, without parents who, at the same time are calm and enjoy a pleasant stay. That is why, children are protagonists. The Edge of the Pubill remembers them and every summer we set up a tent at the entrance of the enclosure where, during the months of July and August, the different activities of the animation service are realized.

Every year, during the summer months, a cheerleader or an entertainer arrives, in charge of organizing a whole series of games and activities, for any type of age. Every day of the week there is one or several activities to do and to know what it touches, at the reception hangs a weekly schedule where are the schedules to follow and the event to perform.

The animator is in charge of organizing gymnets, races, games, karaokes, various dances and even excursions.


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