The Natural Park of the High Pyrenees has a beautiful scenic viewpoint to see and interpret the valleys, forests, lakes and mountains of the valley Tavascán as the Corbiu scenic viewpoint.

One of the activities autumn is going to pick mushrooms, and forest Park High Pyrenees which surround the camp are ideal for filling the basket.

Camping Borda Pubill will guide you to make your visit a success at this time of year.


In winter landscapes change. Snow time.

A different resorts in the region, in addition to the traditional Nordic skiing, skiing or snowboarding, also offer activities such as sleigh rides pulled by dogs or snow shoeing.

A few minutes drive from our campsite, you can find the following resorts:

Alpine ski www.skipallars.cat

Tavascan www.tavascan.net

Port-Ainé www.portaine.cat

Espot www.espotesqui.cat

Baquèira www.baqueira.es

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